"I am Guilty" in front of the shopping mall "Kaubamaja" in Tartu

February 2008

18.02.2008 I made a performance in co-operation of group Art Security. I stood in front of the Tartu's shopping mall Kaubamaja, carrying a sign: Fideelia-Signe Roots. I am guilty in bastardising a public space. Kaubamaja staff had called police. There stood three police cars. A policeman had conversation with me. He wanted to know why I was standing like that with the signs. I explained that people are angry because of the window display and I am regretting what did I do. Policeman was very friendly and wished me happy regretting. They didn't leave before did I. I stood there for an hour. Journalist talked to Art Security guy, photographer made pictures, people watched me and wondered why I was standing like this. There are always many teenagers near shopping mall. They gathered together and made fun of me. If they asked why I was standing, I explained. Art Security interviewed youngsters, asking about public space. Photographer brought me chocolate and one of the passers-by asked how long I am gonna stand and was worried that I'll get cold. It had began snowing. One of the teenager boys said I should be put in the prison for displaying gay topic on the shop window. Then I felt cold and left.

We made performance at 18.02 because it was the day when Kaubamaja should have given prizes for other artists who made window displays. Unfortunately they were so afraid of me that they had decided to skip prize giving until 24.02. Well, the truth is at 24.02 the prizes were given to the artist not in Kaubamaja but in Artists House and not by Kaubamaja representator but by a secretary of Tartu Artists' Union. All because of me. Art can change a world, though.

shopping mall performance










standing with police in background


standing still