Gender Studies

I realised I was a radical feminist long before I knew what the word "feminist" means. It was in childhood. I stand for idea that people are the prisons of language and gender roles are reproduced through the common language without conciously noticing. I am not only working with feministic ideas but I explore gender studies more generally. This have been one of my favorite topics in art since 2005. The idea to use gender in my art started to form when I discovered internet forum Delfi. People can comment news there. I collected the comments which where written by men about women or vice versa. They carried old fashioned views on gender roles. Since forums were back then anonymous and not censored, everyone could write anything. I made few smaller projects and finally whole Master project out of this. In 2009 forums were slightly censored already. For example, one couldn't use "dirty" words. My PhD project, started 2013 is called "Woman as a Hero".

Artworks on gender

Woman as a Hero - a solo exhibition at Valga Museum 2017

Happy Womens' Day! - a solo exhibition at the Tallinn City Gallery 2016

The Strongs' Path - a solo exhibition at the gallery “The Hero of Our Time”, Luunja Estonia 2015

The Heroine’s Yourney - a solo exhibition at EKA Gallery, Tallinn 2014

Angst - Bare Breasted walk through Estonia - long duration performance 2011

Teddybear and Angel Forever Together - a solo exhibition at Draakoni gallery, Tallinn 2011

Man's Path - a solo exhibition at Draakoni gallery, Tallinn 2009

MA project "Feminine Intuition" at Estonian Academy of Arts


Toilet Wall

Mythical Gender Roles

Window Design

Tartu Kaubamaja Shopping Windows (banned because of homosexual topic, caused scandal in press)

Follow-up to the scandalous project: performance I am Guilty


Airplane and Cow

Man's Path

A Study: Why there are So Few Women in Politic?

Male (interactive film)

Vepsa. Women, Men and Work

Beauty Cure