The Heroine’s Journey


In this solo exhibition The Heroine’s Journey I present stories of the masculine connoted phrase hero. By reproducing mythological characters, I am trying to disillusion the archetypal narratives rooted in the society.

voore linna vabastamine
Still image from the video "Saving Voore City" 2014

I am playing mainly with two concepts: heroic versus sexualised female body, by looking at Joseph Campbell (1904–1987) hero's journey model through a feminist prism. Campbell’s ideas were based on the well-known myths which he constructed into a single so-called monomyth, universal hero's journey scheme which premise is the existence of a male hero. The Heroine's Journey represents myself, passing through different variations of the hero's journey.

The exhibition The Heroine's Journey is part of my doctoral dissertation at the Doctoral School of Art and Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Doctoral supervisors are Prof. Dr. Katrin Kivimaa and Prof. Dr. Tiina Ann Kirss. Exhibition reviewers are Dr. Margus Ott (Tallinn University) and Dr. Eve Annuk (Estonian Literary Museum).

amazins maria and fideelia

Amazons Maria and Fideelia. Digital print on the fabric. 2 x 1,3 m, 2014
We would like to thank: Katrin Kivimaa, Tiina Ann Kirss, Marko Mäetamm, Ants Käärst, Kalev Mahtra, Maria Wattel, Gerhard Lock, Kullar Viimne, Hasso Krull.

The exhibition is sponsored by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, The Estonian Artists’ Association and European Social Fund’s Programme DoRa.



Saving Voore City

The Tale of Voore City

Nameless (The Stone Carrier)

Amazon Maria Wattel

Amazons Maria and Fideelia