Saving Voore City

Staged Performance


This is a staged performance where a heroine saves Voore city.

The legend goes, that in Tartu county, Estonia there is a hill called Voore. In olden times there was a great city there, rules by Princess Voore. She was very beautiful and had many suitors, but she didn’t accept anybody. Finally the son of the Finnish wizard came to ask for her hand but she turned him down as well. The Finnish wizard became angry and put a hex on the city so that it sank underground taking along all the inhabitants, including Princess Voore. And there they are until this day. The only place where one could enter the Voore city is under the Raudallika spring but the ox yoke is guarding the entrance. The one who could remove the yoke, could enter the city and the city would rise up again.

Idea: Fideelia

Cast: Kalev Mahtra, Fideelia

Editing: Fideelia

Music: Gerhard Lock

Camera: Kullar Viimne

Special thanks: Ants Käärst