Amazon Maria Wattel

An interview with real life amazon


Maria Carolien Wattel lives in Netherlands. She calls herself and amazon. ( She is a famous media star. Media gave her the name amazon and after thinking about it she agreed with this name. As she explains in the interview, she feels like an amazon. Amazons were legendary women in Ancient Greek, who practised traditional male occupations like ploughing, fighting and hunting. They were tall, strong and brave.

Maria describes her life like it was a heroine’s journey. She enjoyed films and stories about Amazons and female fighters, started kick boxing and wanted to become the strongest, quickest, an ultimate fighting machine. She believes in female empowerment and encourages all the women to stand for their ideals. She is embodied heroine.

I made this interview because I wanted to see the possibilities of constructing the figure of contemporary female hero. There are female body builders in Estonia but they don't construct and reflect themselves like Maria. Many elements in her narrative are connected to feminism and female enpowerment.

Take a look at the picture as well.