Man's Path

Solo exhibition

September 2009

Expressions like path, moving, road and traveler have historically referred mostly to men, not women. Path means also a life path. Even nowadays, while women are as ambitious as men, many people still think, what kind of path a woman could have but becoming a wife and mother. „Man’s path“ sounds heroic and great, unlike „Woman’s path“, which sounds ridiculous.


I, as a radical feminist, think that gender roles are constructed by society and it is possible to reconstruct them. Men are not naturally agressive and women emotional. Michael Kimmel, the well known gender scientist in USA writes, that the four most depressing words he have heard are „Boys will be boys“.


In my solo exhibition I challenge gender stereotypes. Is the lack of ambitions and life purpose effeminate? Why men are afraid, that if they pose naked with other men for photographer, people assume they are gey? Can doing chores destroy masculinity?

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The exhibition consists a film and nude photos of men. Two body-painted male nudes, blowing soap-bubbles on opening was also a part of my exhibition.

Film shows that it is time to reconstruct the gender roles. The photos show nude men in the nature. I want to turn around the old conception about comparing women to the wild, irrational nature, which must be tamed by the masculine ratio and culture.


Many thanks: Indrek Mänd
Supporters: The Estonian Artists' Association and Estonian Cultural Endowment


Watch the film "Man's Path"

See the nude photos of men

Here are some photos by Jaan Klõhseiko from the opening show