Vepsa. Women, Men and Work




I participated Art Academy's traditional etnographical expedition to Finn-Ugrian habitants in Russia. We visited Vepsa villages this time. Estonians and Veps come from the same origin. Veps live in Northern Russia near St. Petersburg. They don't have their own state. They are dying out. Very few vepsians talk their own language. Many of them have moved to cities in order to get educationand job but education is in Russian. Most older Veps live in the villages. There are many single old men and women. Alcoholism and unemployement are common in the country. Since habitants are old and the number of them decreases constantly, the villages are dying out quickly: shops, post offices and schools are disappearing from villages every year. My film is about domestic works. In Vepsia there are still traditional women and men jobs. Men work in the forest and women at home. Old women told that during USSR women also had to work in the forest and in factories in spite of having kids.