Shooting Cellulite

November 2006

This project which was made as schoolwork during master program at art academy contains two parts. In part one we had to create an installation on topic "The Thing I Hate in Myself the Most". In second part we had to take gun and shoot our installations.

I hate most in myself my cellulite. The word "cellulite" was invented by French doctors in year 1960. This is a fat which resembles to orange-peel and can be found from women's lower body. In the olden times cellulite was thought to be an old fat, formed because of bad diet but nowadays we know cellulite is just ordinary normal fat, which appears differently in men and women. For more information read my Master project as well. It is nearly impossible to get rid of cellulite.

In spite of being slender I still have cellulite which I hate. It is especially ugly and uncomfortable if the cellulite trebles when I am jumping or running. Thus I decided to build a woman's lower body and shoot this. I made the framework of wood, covered it with macroflex and finally attached a pig's lard on the installation. I painted upper part of this red and pink. When it was ready all students and our professor Jaan Toomik went to the firing range. The soldiers taught us to shoot guns. We used guns like Galil AR and AK-47. You can see the result of shooting on the photos. Indeed it is impossible to get rid of cellulite.


lower body


lower body from up




result front


result back