Shop Windows banned: DREAM FROM THE YEAR 1979

February 2008

This art project have met successful publicity. There was an Art Month in Tartu in February 2008. Shopping mall Kaubamaja gave artists opportunity to design shop windows. It was a contest. I designed windows for the first time. Since at the same time there was news about homosexuals rights to marry and have kids, I decided to use this topic on my windows. As a result the window was banned by Kaubamaja. The reason: Kaubamaja is a business center which doesn't interfere politics. I had texsts on the windows: dialogues between dad and little girl (myself) who had a dream about two mothers. I saw this dream when I was 3 years old and my dad tape-recorded how I explained this to him. Kaubamaja's Chief Executive Officer was really upset because of this dream. She said they never allow to put such text on the shop window.

The shop designers took down the window display quickly next day although we had agreed to take it down later and with my presence. I made photos before taking down. Next day I was told I shouldn't have taken photos of my own work because one must ask permission for photographing in shopping mall. My English friend Ernest thinks these two points show that Kaubamaja have violated my human rights. Read his letter to Kaubamaja.

Since I wrote about it in my blog which journalists read, they called me and wanted to write about what happened. As a result there were articles about it in all main newspapers of Estonia plus online news.

Many Estonians are homophobic. The internet comments on my case showed the attitude. People thanked Kaubamaja for removing the bastardising window display. That kind of political art should be in art gallery not in public place, they wrote. They thought I was a gay, a sick pervert and a lunatic. It inspired me to continue. Click here.